Field of Study:          63-41-M/01 Economics and Entrepreneurship

Duration of Study:     4 years

Completion:              Maturita Exam

This educational programme provides our graduates with knowledge and skills required for a career in the banking industry and other financial institutions, such as insurance companies, investment firms, pension funds or leasing companies. Our graduates can also find other job opportunities within the organizational structure of various firms and companies, in particular in their finance departments and sections.

Primary subjects of this programme include Economics, Banking and Financial Markets. Economics presents information mostly related to the mechanisms of the national economy, macroeconomics, business economics and corporation finance. Banking and Financial Markets provides our students with vast knowledge of commercial and central banking, banking products and financial markets (i.e. money market, stock market and foreign exchange market). Furthermore, our students obtain extensive information on law, public finance, informatics, marketing and management; they are also trained in presentation and business skills. Our training centre gives them the opportunity to put their theoretical knowledge of the related subject into practice.

The structure of this educational programme allows our graduates to successfully continue their education at colleges/universities with a specialization in economics.

Study plan