Our school offers the opportunity of a boarding house to our distant students.


The boarding house can accommodate up to 100 students. Fully furnished double and triple en suite rooms are available.

Other facilities of the boarding house include, for example, a kitchen, library, printer, lounge with home cinema, piano and table football.

Students can also come to the staff room, where they can borrow some games or sport equipment. Sports are well supported at our school. The students can not only use the gym but they can also play some sports on the nearby football pitch.


Students, living at the boarding house, can use the services of the school canteen which is located in the same building. Apart from lunch, students can also order breakfast, snacks and supper.

After school activities

At the beginning of each year students can sign up for many various free time activity clubs such as ceramics, drama, sports relaxing club and others.

Staff, working at the boarding house with the students, are the tutors who are willing to help with everything students need. They are also in charge of the after-school activities.

Accommodation  fee

The accommodation costs 1500,- a month.