Are you a fee-paid school?

No, we are a “state” school, thus a school fee is not payable. Though there are some expenses for textbooks, school tools, school meals and accommodation in the residence hall if needed. What are the entrance exams at your school like?


What are the entrance exams like at your school?

For the school year 2015/2016 entrance exams are not held. Applicants are accepted based on their results from primary school. Further information can be found in the section´ For applicants under Admissions´.


Does your school provide textbooks and study materials for students?

Students are expected to buy textbooks for almost all of their subjects. Supplementary learning materials are given out by the teachers.


What languages are taught at your school?

We teach English, Spanish, German, French and Russian. Italian can also be studied as an optional subject. English is the primary foreign language. Students continue to study from their current level when enrolling with the school. Other languages are mostly taught from a beginner level. Students are separated into groups for their chosen second language. The groups should be of equal size, so some students may not be able to be in the group of their first choice. The groups for the second language are decided at the start of the term. Annually in September, the first year students attend a week longn intensive language course outside of Prague.

Where can graduating students find employment?

Most graduates continue their studies at universities with legal, humanistic or economic specialization. Considering the specialization of the course the students can be employed in various public administration offices of public administration (ministries, local offices, municipalities, administration of social provision etc.), in judiciary, in legal bureaus, in departments of firms or personnel agencies.


Where and in which year does work  experience for students take place?

Work experience is provided by bureaus of public administration and self-government. The work experience is organized according to the educational program of each individual student for the duration of two to three weeks in the second and third years of study.


School – leaving examination

Students take a complex test in Czech language and in any foreign language of their choice, or a didactic test in Mathematics at state A level. Every profile part of A level differs according to each educational programme, but it always contains two oral tests and a practical test from technical subjects.


Is it possible for students to take any state or international exams during their studies?

Yes, our school provides students with a state typing exam and a business correspondence exam, which are both arranged by the school.

What facilities does your school have?

It includes a school canteen, with a choice of three meals, a gymnasium, a fitness gym, a sports pitch and a boarding house, for students from outside of Prague.



What sort of extracurricular activities do you offer?

The school offers many activities. Foreign excursions to the European countries, whose languages are taught in our school, are very popular with our students, as well as a range of different clubs: Klub mladého diváka (A Club of Young Audience), a Film club, a Sport club. First year students can attend a language course and a skiing course is also offered. We hold discussions with representatives of state institutions; we visit exhibitions and museums as well as theatrical and film performances.



Do you have any other questions?

Please contact the school secretariat.

Martina Křížová, email: